About trading the commodities

Trading on the commodity exchange engages traders around the world and is very similar to trading in the stock market or Forex, but there are some differences.

For example, the bidder buys futures contract for the supply of various goods and such contracts are traded through an open competitive auction. Futures is a contract that gives the right to sell or buy a specific asset at a fixed time and at a fixed price.

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How to trade on the commodities exchange?

The commodities market is full of exciting trading opportunities. Covering dozens of popular assets, from sugar and coffee to oil and gas, commodity trading becomes a unique arena for your trader’s portfolio diversification.

Use your CFD trading opportunities here, as you don’t need to get involved in the market itself.


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What to trade?

The energy market is one of the key markets in the global economy. It is highly volatile due to its close connection to politics, the environment, and economic conditions. Transactions with raw materials and energy resources attract investors due to their active price dynamics. The cost of the instruments is constantly changing, and that offers a wide range of opportunities to make gains*.

Investments in the energy sector never go out of fashion: there's always the need for electricity and fuel. This sector is promising in terms of capital increase. This is due, for example, to seasonal fluctuations in oil and gas prices driven by sharp increases in demand for heating, sowing, harvesting, and other fundamental factors. At the same time, there is constant market demand.

Oil fields are finite in their extent, but almost every company in the world consumes oil. They support the demand for raw materials all year round, influencing oil prices and allowing investors to make gains. Due to the development of technologies, the opportunities for profitable investments widen every year. Today, many countries are developing renewable energy sources. This area represents another promising asset class for investors.

The off-exchange market does not imply any restrictions on volumes, so transactions on raw materials and resources are available to any investor with even a small amount of funds.

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