Triple Bottom U-Turn

A low trend is a schematic indicator of the triple bottom's price; the third thrust in the trend strongly suggests a reversal.  This price indicator is more telling than a Double Bottom.

How a Triple Bottom is Determined

As the name suggests, this price indicator is a pattern of three thrusts in position within a single line.

The lowest and highest rates are combined by direct reinforcements and divisions. The asset is underestimated should a price reversal occur thrice.


The indicator is fixed when the price breaks through to the resistance mark--with potential error. A buy signal is given and the trend changes.

Goal indicator

The Triple Bottom price reaches the target indicator when constructing a schematic price indicator. It is calculated by the formula:

T = R + H, In the formula:  T - goal indicator; R - resistance mark (local high rates); H - indicator height (distance of support and resistance indicators)

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