Base Currency: USD

Quote Currency: JPY

Group: Major Currency Pair

The USD,is the acronym for the American Dollar; it is also called "Greenback" or "Buck". The Federal Reserve System (FRS) issues this currency. The USD a reserve currency that the market, central banks, and investors strongly vie for. The US Dollar is seen as a “safe haven" asset. This is the case as despite challenging economic times, the U.S. economy remains stable. The JPY stands for Japanese Yen. In trading operations, the JPY closes the 3 most important currencies in the world market. Logically, the Japanese Bank issues the JPY. Given that Japan boasts of a strong economy, the country experiences minimal inflation. As a result, the Yen is considered as a “safe haven” currency. The JPY has a low price range, making the currency bear lower rates. In the Asian Market, the JPY is a frequent bidder.

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